How to apply for E2 Visa Again Without an Attorney in 3 Steps

I got my first E2 visa in 2017 which was valid for 2 years. The term depends on the reciprocity your country has with the United States. For example, the US embassy in Canada issues E2 visa with the term of 5 years whereas the US embassy in Poland issues E2 visa with the term of only a year. Other embassies even issue E2 visa with the term of 3 months!

Earlier in 2019, I successfully renewed my E2 Visa without an attorney or lawyer. I am sharing my experience so that you can take some anxiety away from applying on your own. If you are applying for the E2 Visa the first time, please read How to Apply for E2 Visa Without an Attorney in 3 Steps.

Again, there are 3 main steps to the E2 renewal:

1. Preparing the Documents

Preparing the documents took me less time this time as I already had a running business with years of tax returns. I was able to put together the documents in less than a month.

This time, the documents required were mostly tax returns, as well as hiring records of employees and my plan for hiring more employees. The focus is no longer on the amount invested but rather the number of jobs you created or will create for US citizens and permanent residents.

2. Scheduling an Interview

Again, I had to fly to Singapore after I scheduled my embassy interview on The website user interface did not seem to change over the years so the familiarity helps a little.

Just like the last time, I did not need to send my supporting documents before scheduling my embassy interview. I dropped it off about a week before my interview at a collection point provided for on ustraveldocs. So this part of the process should be relatively easy and straightforward.

3. Passing the Interview

This time, I felt the interview was more thorough than the last one when I first applied for the E2. The embassy officer had clearly reviewed my documents just like the last time. But she had more questions about the business and my plan on hiring more Americans.

So go in with the plan for hiring more Americans and a thorough understanding of your business. If you run a real business, the latter should not be hard. The harder part should be the plan to hire more Americans as well as having already hired some Americans. To hire more, your business needs to be in good health and growing. So focus on your business and it will take care of the E2 visa renewal!

Once you are approved, you can expect to get your passport with the visa in about a week or two so plan your travel accordingly.

If you have specific questions about the supporting documents which I did not cover in depth in this post or want to share your experience, leave me a comment below. I may respond slow so feel free to reach out creatively.

2 thoughts on “How to apply for E2 Visa Again Without an Attorney in 3 Steps”

  1. Hello Jacob,

    Me and my partner are keen to apply for the E2 Visa. We have a running business currently and we are keen to start a company in US. Its a technology based company. We do not have much funding like a few hundred k’s so we would really need your advice how we should do this. I have already registered and US company. Do i have to rent an office space etc? How about salary? Do i need to pay myself a salary when i have the E2 visa?

    1. Hi Sarah, please see my first post on how to apply for a US E-2 visa. My response is a little late: Office space is not needed. You can pay yourself a salary but it’s not necessary. However, the money you invest must be in the US company account and be “at risk.”

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